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The meaning of life is about not being able to have any knowledge of what the meaning is.

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Anonymous: what's your biggest fear

when you’re bowling and u get yelled at for walking on the lane but in reality the lane was u representing ur freedom and u think back to world war 2 an if ur husband will ever return from war and with that satan eats at ur thoughts and u begin to think about ur life and where u are and what u want to do, and u hold a gun to ur head and ur not sure what to do and u think about all the good things in life like cereal and chicken and kool aid and with that u cry and u want to die even more but u will miss ur husband but hes prob dead at war and through all these thoughts ur still standing on that bowling lane and u are now being kicked out for seizing on the lane in post dramatic stress disorder and bc if ur seizure u pee ur pants… in front of all ur friends… and ur embarassed forever

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